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Sophia, 16. The Beatles are my religion. I love rock music, especially The Rolling Stones, The Monkees, Suede, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Syd Barrett, David Bowie and so on. Back To The Future is my favourite movie ever. I'm a pescetarian and proud of it. I'm always happy to meet new people so don't hesitate - send me a message!


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Belle, my beautiful, loving therapy cat of 15 years is in desperate need of some help. She’s currently in the ER right now. I’m distraught and can only think to beg for help. We visited her today and she’s had to stay yet another night. She looked horrible. She definitely wants to come home.    “”Please give whatever you can and share this with everyone. $1000 can be raised here if all of my followers donated $1 each. Please. I’m desperate. I miss her so much and I’m scared.

I just got off the phone with the ER vet. I’m to see her in 4 hours and we’re going to decide if she comes home or goes to her regular vet. She’s not eating or drinking. She still has diarrhea. I don’t know what to do. I feel overwhelmed with pain for my baby. I just want her happy and well and I’ll do whatever that takes. I hate to beg for help but I cannot afford any of what is happening. I’m disabled and rely on Social Security each month. I’m on a very fixed income. I cannot work.
Paying these bills is impossible for me. $1, 2, 5, 10…. Anything you can give helps. Please share this update. I’ll let you know more in the morning.
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Hello….a few days ago our baby puppy was taken to the emergency vet hospital.
Treacle has been diagnosed with a rare inner ear infection that has started to affect her brain, causing her to become very disorientated - vomiting, unable to walk properly and very very frightened.
It has now been confirmed that Treacle will be deaf. Even though the deafness is incredibly sad - the infection is being treated with anti biotics and is under some control.
However Treacle has now been diagnosed with a terrble case of Lung Worm - a parisite that eats away inside her lungs and stomach - this is what is making her sick and this is whats needs to be treated at the vets.
As the problems have now been identified the total amount estimated at the vets has decreased to £5000 - We are so increcibly thankful and greatful for all of the support we have received so far…
We as a family will do everything will can to fund the money, but finding 5k isnt the disposable income or savings we have.
Treacle is fully insured - due to having an ear infection when she was a baby - the insurance company will not fund the full bill.
For anyone knows my brother or my family - you will know how much Treacle means to us. Please help by donating anything - no amount is too small. Please tweet/facebook this pledge so we can spread the word and get Treacle home, happy and well. Thank you. The Smiths
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Please donate! Don’t forget to reblog! Help the puppy!

Sorry for not posting anything, I’m in a difficult situation right now, but I promise, when everything becomes normal, I’ll come back! Thank you and sorry.

I’m shocked and completely devastated. May your soul find rest, Johnny Winter (1944-2014)
You are the real winner and have always been. My heart goes to Argentina.